Things we know you like: Chanel bag, Valentino dresses, Hermes scarves.
Things we know you love: All of the above, at discounted prices.

That's why the Slipper Club has teamed up with Luxury Garage Sale to bring you an event you won't want to miss! Stop by the Luxury Garage Sale's new shop (6805 Snider Plaza) on July 23 from 5 - 8 for bubbles, treats, and a whole lot of shopping.

Even better: 10% of the proceeds will go to our beneficiary, I Have a Dream Dallas. Sounds like a whole lot of good shopping karma. 

We've got a fresh crop of new members! Check out the full list below:

Katherine Abraham
Kendall Adams
Katherine Adams
Julie Amundson
Elizabeth Ansbro
Caroline Aston
Katie Bailey
Reaghan Belfour
Sarah Bennett
Tara Besancon
Jessica Boccio
Jordan Bowles
Lauren Brady
Jessica Brunelle
Rebecca Bundren
Jennifer Buntz
Julia Burman
Danielle Cain
Charlotte Calhoun
MacKenzie Campbell
Emily Cassidy
Lauren Cook
Sally Cooper
Lauren Corr
Rebekah Coughlin
Katie Cowan
Angela Cox
Carter Crews
Caroline Crews
Madeline Cullins
Callie Cullum
Jordan Daigle
Shannon Davey
Carey Davis
Lindsay Davis
Allison DeHaven
Rachel Delesk
Sarah Dvorak
Mattie Eiland
Alison Fagan
Lauren Fann
Mackenzie Fant
Jordan Flad
Meighan Forrer
Carly Galaska
Grecia Garza
Courtney Gauthreaux
Mallorie Glowenke
Taylor Goerke
Hadley Graham
Leslie Gross
Claire Hajdu
Kate Hansen
Kami Havener
Paige Heinze
Maxine Hepfer
LeAnn Herchman
Elizabeth Higgins
Kelly Howard
Katie Howe
Caddy Jurica
Helen Jury
Katelyn Kazanowski
Audrey Kerr
Lily Knickrehm
Amanda Knode
Cecily Koss
Lily Kramlich-Taylor
Katherine Krause
Mandi Krueger
April Lake
Lindsay LaNasa
Luaren Leonard
Caroline Livingston
Leisha Loftin
Jennifer Lugenheim
Kristina Madsen
Bebe Mandola
Kelly Marshall
Blair Metcalfe
Lauren Millit
Katherine Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell
Mary Morgan
Mckenzie Mundy
Alex Near
Kendall Nettle
Margaret Oden
Liz O'Malley
Whitney Patton
Sarah Pinkston
Allison Rash
Madeline Ratcliffe
Rebecca Rauenhorst
Kimberly Retzch
Kristina Roberts
Lauren Sears
Jade Shank
Caroline Sievers
Emily Sims
Mary Smith
Molly Snook
Madeline Solari
Courtney Spalten
Hayley Stenger
Amy Stone
Chelsea Story
Sherree Strauch
Brooke Thoele
Blakeley Thress
Riley Tiger
Andrea Troske
Ryan Umberger
Ashton Van Beber
Vivian Villarreal
Susan Wanamaker
Beverly Ware
Amanda Weissler
Molly Welsh
Whitney Wilcox
Corinne Wilcox
Claire Williams
Rebecca Wolfe
Ally Wood
Catherine Worth

This organization is dedicated to serving children through their after school program at the Cedar Springs Place public housing project. The children participating in the program call themselves “Dreamers,” as they aspire to graduate from college and give back to their community.

With Slipper Club’s support, the children will continue to have a place to complete their homework, get the tutoring and mentorship they need, participate in fun activities and enjoy a free meal after school.

Stay tuned for upcoming volunteer events, and we look forward to working with this organization!

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