Please join us in welcoming our new members, listed below!
Amanda Adrian
Kate Arvesen
Meredith Ashworth
Kelly Ayers
Page Bailey
Caroline Baliker
Kathryn Ballard
Charlotte Barnett
Ava Batansky
Kathleen Batman
Chelsea Beagles
Maegan Bell
Corey Benz
Mary Billingsley
Mary Katherine Blakley
Katie Bonnecaze
Brooke Bonner
Meredith Borschow
Brittney Bowles
Robin Boyer
Brennan Broiser
Jordan Brown
Hailey Browne
Hailey Bryant
Madeline Buckthal
Caroline Burkett
Hannah Caillier
Emory Callegari
Jessica Campbell
Kindel Carson
Caterina Castella
Lizzy Chesnut
Allie Churney
Kacie Clardy
Emma Clark
McKenzie Clark
Charlotte Cooper
Renell Cronk
Meredith Davis
Alexa Dow
Jana Duplechin
Blair Dwyer
Jenna Dymond
Monica Esposito
Alexis Euart
Brittany Fersing
Ashlee Filkins
Kelly Friley
Madeline Frizell
Jenna Gaule
Connor Geiger
Catherine Gillespie
Mollie Goodbary
Rachel Gorney
Kingsley Gourley
Jennifer Gracheck
Samantha Hagan
Rebecca Halbert
Asher Hallman
Caroline Hanson
Christine Harpool
Madison Hassell
Sarah Hendrix
Rebecca Hernandez
Isabel Herndon
Jacquelin Hipes
Sheridan Horn
Jennifer Hosler
Stephanie Jensen
Victoria Jett
Laura Keator
Grace Keesey
Kathryn Kemp
Cameron Keylor
Lizzie Kuhlman
Kendall Ladner
Katie Landen
Stephanie Lazar
April Lesiuk
Courtney Line
Molly Livingstone
Hilary Machado
Katie Mansfield
Lauren Martin
Kelly May
Lindsay Millet
Erica Minnich
Emily Miros
Ashley Mooney
Regina Morris
Krista Muniz
Allison Mynard
Carley Nelson
Christie Nettle
Caroline Nolte
Rachel Nutt
Mary Margaret Parrish
Dominique Patton
Allison Perry
Allison Pollari
Mallory Presutti
Courtney Quinn
Emily Sanz
Samantha Schumacher
Katie Sears
Carolyn Sheffey
Amanda Sherman
Clara Sisk
Amanda Smith
Gabriela Soza
Patsy Stowe
Nora Strebeck
Sarah Stroube
Shelby Swartz
Brittany Sweeney
Savannah Thode
Courtney Unger
Hannah Waidmann
Emily Walsh
Erin Walsh
Alexandra Washington
Caroline Weber
Alexa Wells
Natalie Wolfe
Jessica Wood
Maura Zingsheim

Stop by Read Between the Lines in Victory Park on April 26 from 6-to-8p.m. for some shopping and to vote your friends in to Slipper Club!

Parking - Read Between the Lines offers convenient and free 2-hour parking available in the following locations:
·Street-side, along the block of their store
·In the parking garage directly across the street from their store
·In the lot directly across the street from the W Hotel, a few doors north of their store

Address: 2412 Victory Park Lane Dallas, TX 75219

Hey Members – It’s time to nominate your friends for the Spring 2016 class! We are looking for outstanding women within the Dallas community to help make Slipper Club of Dallas better than ever. Each active member may nominate two (2) candidates, as well as second two (2) candidates.

Nominations are due by Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

There are three ways to send submit your nominations:

Onlineclick to access online for here

Email – Send the form to

Snail Mail – Nomination form must be printed and mailed to: 
Angela Cox
3520 Wheeler Street Apt.1402
Dallas, TX 75209

Our voting meeting will be held:
When: Tuesday, April 26 from 6:00-to-8:00p.m.
Where: Read Between The Lines in Victory Park (2412 Victory Park Lane).
*a store discount, refreshments and snacks will be provided*

Invitations to come.

Instagram is making some changes to your homepage/timeline. 

We know FOMO is real so…
1.  Go to our Instagram home page or click on a recent Slipper Club Instagram post: @slipperclubdallas
2.  Click on the three(3) dots next to our name
3.  Select “Turn On Post Notifications”

…so you don’t miss a moment of what Slipper Club is up to!

Your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments they believe you will care about the most. The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on: Post Notifications you've selected, the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person/group posting, and the timeliness of the post.

Slipper Club of Dallas Instagram: 

More info about Instagram’s changes here:

The ladies of the Slipper Club Board were pleased to present our 2015 - 2016 beneficiary, "I Have A Dream" Foundation (IHAD), with a check for $53,500 earlier this week. To experience the magical moment for yourself, check out the below video! 

IHAD works daily to support their "Dreamers," students who attend under-resourced public schools and live in housing projects, providing long-term academic support, after school activities, meals, and clothing to help Dreamers reach their goal of graduating from high school and attending college.

For more information about IHAD, please visit the below sites:
3. Local Facebook Page –

To contact the local beneficiary, feel free to reach out to:
1. Sally McMullin –
2. Phillip Lyles –
3. Address - 2601 Lucas Drive, Dallas, TX 75219

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