We are so excited to add another class of fantastic women to our club! Congratulations.

Sarah Aboukhair
Meredith Allen
Lesley Arbuckle
Ellen Aydam
Claire Bauman
Katherine Bible
Madison Blankenship
Jessica Bookbinder
Alee Boychuk
Lindsey Bradley
Chelsea Brogdon
Margaret Brown
Olivia Buckner
Brittany Bundren
Julie Butkus
Elizabeth Carey
Lucia Carr
Elizabeth Chesnut
Sofia Cigarroa
Alex Collins
Katie Congleton
Taylor Cousins
Lauren Covey-Griggs
Ashley Crutchfield
Casey Davis
Katie Day
Shelby Deitze
Claire Dickey
Sara Douglass
Tyler Elley
Megan Farrelly
Hunter Faught
Kiley Faulkner
Alexandra Fisher
Kate Fuller
Ashley Fuqua
Lauren Garza
Adrienne Gehan
Amy Goad
Kathryn Godbold
Lauren Goddard
Sarah Beth Greene
Emily Hammack
Lynne Hollins
Alexandra Housley
Cate James
Paige Janke
Kate Johnston
Rachel Keiser
Elaine Kennedy
Hannah Kroening
Margaret Kullman
Leigh Lancaster
Madelyn Landman
Allison LaRoche
Leighton Laville
Francesca Lupo
Lauren Lyngstad
Hannah Mabry
Brittany Mack
Ashli Maddux
Kelly Mathews
Molly McCann
Kelly McCloskey
Emily McGee
Jennifer McLain
Hartley Mellick
Lanie Milliorn
Ashton Minter
Mary Myles
Kaia Naftel
Nicolette Null
Martha O’Neill
Lauren Otis
Colleen Pagnotta
Olivia Pajda
Caroline Parker
Morgan Petty
Megan Pittman
Kelly Post
Madeline Price
Kyndall Pritchett
Cassie Pyle
Jennifer Pryon
Mary Morgan Radcliff
Morgan Ream
Jenna Reekie
Lauren Reynolds
Jennifer Rich
Megan Roepe
Rebecca Schaeffer
Kristen Schnaus
Lauren Schultz
Stephanie Schwartz
Harper Seaton
Nikki Shakourian
Kara Shannon
Alissa Silvestri
Taylor Simmons
Katherine Snyder
Alexandra Spinazzola
Ellen Stallcup
Lane Strode
Lindsay Stuckey
Stephanie Tatum
Sarah Torrence
Kiley Trent
Alexandra Trimper
Kate Trimper
Jacqueline Wilcher
Mary Williams
Nina Williams
Medley Wollenman
Jillian Yarusso
Gayle Zielger
Katherine Zimmer

Slipper Club is excited to receive our fall new members and needs your help! Please nominate your friends—each active member may nominate two candidates and second two candidates. Nominations are due September 17th. You can submit nominations online here, or follow the jump for the paper form to print and mail in.

P.S. This is your friendly reminder to pay your dues by this Friday, September 5th. Annual dues are $175, and you can pay online here. Dues submitted after Friday will be subject to a $25 late fee. 

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You like picnics, Rosé wine, pretty flowers, and good music. Well guess what—so do we!

That's why we're excited about our upcoming event: Cool Thursday Concert Series at the Dallas Arboretum!

We're going to do some picnic blanket-style bonding on September 4th, why enjoying the musical styling of Emerald City. There are only 100 tickets available to members, which are on sale now—also, feel free to bring a date!

To purchase, go to our Crowdtilt page by clicking here. Once you've purchased your tickets, a formal invitation with your tickets will follow.

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