Hi Members! We have an exciting opportunity to announce!
Starting Thursday, August 8th, Slipper Club members may enjoy an exclusive TWO WEEK trial at Equinox Fitness Clubs (Offer valid at Highland Park or Preston Center locations).
Also, if you take advantage of this offer and visit Equinox 8 times during the trial period, you will receive $25 off your annual dues and have your initiation fee waived if you decide to join!
(Offer valid through 8/22/13)

Please ask for Vinny at Preston Hollow: 8611 HILLCREST RD VINCENT.DEEGAN@EQUINOX.COM

Please ask for Brian Howar at Highland Park: 4023 OAK LAWN BRIAN.HOWARD@EQUINOX.COM

Additionally, The Blue Jeans Bar will be throwing us a shopping party on Wednesday, August 28th where you will receive $50 off any purchase for using the gym eight times!  

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