Please join us in welcoming our new members, listed below!
Rachel Alley
Danielle Anderson
Caroline Babb
Catherine Barbaree
Lauren Barr
Camille Bernal
Hanna Brown
Jordan Bruns
Mackenzie Bulloch
Halea Burchette
Caroline Burgreen
Callie Butterworth
Erin Byrne
Elizabeth Caldwell
Valeria Cantu
Elizabeth Carpenter
Karaline Coats
Taylor Cohen
Amy Corser
Paris Dahlstrom
Cindy Dudley
Hillary Dunklin
Taylor Foster
Chandler Foster
Reilly Fritz
Samantha Fuller
Savannah Geyer
Mary Gorter
Nina Green
Rebekah Haynes
Margaux Hebert
Madeleine Herskind
Shayna Hilburn
Greer Hindle
Brooke Holtz
Taylor Jolissaint
Alexandra King
Jordan Kirkland
Caryn Kralovec
Katherine Krause
Laura Lacy
Katie Lally
Caroline Langley
Olivia Luko
Brynne McCarthy
Mallory McGroarty
Taylor Miller
Emily Mitchell
Anne Moir
Chandler Moody
Katherine Neuberger
Jaime O'Donnell
Grace Peters
Jessica Pietri
Mary Pugh
Kelsey Racy
Amelia Rainey
Emilee Reid
Caroline Reynolds
Kelsey Rooney
Stacey Saathoff
Elizabeth Saussy
Rachel Scoogins
Mary Sealy
Shelby Sharp
Jenna Sichting
Caroline Sikes
Sarah Singer
Katherine Sluder
Elena Squiric
Savannah Terry
Marylyn Toledo
Morgan Tool
Kathryn Tucci
Ashley Waychoff
Anna Webster
Margaret Weiss
Emily Wikman
Heather Wright
Bridgette Wunder

Today is North Texas Giving Day! Please join Slipper Club of Dallas in our efforts to raise money and awareness for our 2016-2017 beneficiary, Rays of Light. Click on the packet below or linked here to learn more about Slipper Club and the wonderful things Rays of Light is doing in our community. To donate to our efforts, click the link here.

Back by popular demand — Slipper Club is going to the Cool Concert Thursday, October 6 at the Arboretum! 

Emerald City Band is playing and the Arboretum has already sold out.

Not to worry, Slipper Club has tickets! Members, check your email to access the link to our tickets, space is limited. Each member is allowed to purchase up to two tickets, $20 each.

The premier concert series, Cool Thursdays is Dallas' only concert series overlooking the picturesque White Rock Lake. In addition to the cool view of White Rock Lake, attendees may bring picnics and beverages or purchase food from some of DFW's best food trucks. To learn more about Cool Concert Thursdays, click here.

See you under the stars! 

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